I haven't done all of the University of Texas Press's podcast interviews and daaaaang can you tell the ones I have done. But, they're fun. So, fuck y'all.


Andy Summers of the Effing Police

Listen, once I did surface-level research on this man, I learned that he wrote music for the film Weekend at Bernie’s and my anxiety over this interview tripled thereafter.

Andy Summers was the guitarist of the rock band The Police, alongside someone you may know as ‘Sting.’

Andy gave me hell in the post-production of this, but in hindsight that should not be surprising.


Panel Discussion on Race and Equity in Austin, Texas

In this panel discussion, Virginia Cumberbatch, Leslie Blair, and Doyin Oyeniyi discuss the story of integrating the University of Texas at Austin, its ongoing struggle for inclusion and equity, Austin’s chronic problems with racial and economic inequality, and upholding the city’s progressive reputation.

You could absolutely make the argument that white guilt drove me in this recording. It is true. But these ladies straight up killed at the Texas Book Festival and I was so honored they took the time to speak with me.


Cool upperclassman Lance Scott Walker

We recorded this on DJ Screw's birthday, and Lance Scott Walker was honestly the dopest.

Of course I had to ask about the women in Houston rap and I really liked this story about profanity because I clearly also sometimes struggle with reigning that trash in.

Lance’s knowledge of Houston rap is deep and wide. Mine is not. Just a disclaimer.


Other interviews of varying quality including MacArthur Genius photographer Dawoud Bey, hip-hop photographer and Irishman Brian 'B+’ Cross, photographers and patient angels Khalik Allah and Eli Reed, and more.