Streams of content

Five years doing social media, direct marketing, and web for the University of Texas Press. Below, you may witness both my professional and personal attempts at social relevance.

Work Flow @utexaspress

I rival only Shea Serrano in popularity on Texas Twitter. 😜 Not really. Specialties: Sun Ra, reaction GIFs, addressing my audience as "hey patriarchy," homemade graphics of varying quality, scholarly restraint. 😎

Look, y'all. Facebook can be a pain in the ass. Instagram is cute and HECK is it addictive. Pinterest is like a solid pony, out there doing its thing all quiet, slight, and powerful. And then there are the A/V nerd's virtual closet shelves, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Lady Flow @bailsmog

Hard-hitting cultural critiques. Relevant, timely, and of-the-moment. Infrequent. Lots of period talk, Charles Barkley GIFs, and melodrama. 

Specialties: Blonde female reaction GIFs, retweeting myself, being a moody cunt, @-ing Juicy J or Rodney Anonymous.

oh, and this!

This is the only writerly brag I have mustered in over twelve years, y’all. Small potatoes, but dope. Click on this free web graphic that I got as a reward and maybe read my weird, gross words.