Soul Capturing

I can be trusted with a camera. I am not going to blow you away with quality, but my point is this: I hustle.


viv goldman with ‘pop stars’

Skill: nervously talking to indie dudes (she called them "pop stars”) about my prom date in Alabama, constantly worrying about my body odor.


austin mayor steve adler

Skill: I convince people who are way busier than I am to hold books while I fiddle with my camera. Mayor Adler also patiently answered trivia questions for me. 🙏🏼


hometown hero

Skill: Eating several chili dogs in the name of book marketing.


first lady laura bush

Skill: Staying cool around the Secret Service, especially after I realized I had left my camera battery at the office. Contact me for the full, miraculous story. 


musician & author kristin hersh

Skill: If I like you and your work enough, I may commission a piece of art for your book and then frame it for you. I clearly love Kristin, because I also made her a zine