Book Trailers

To save on time and expense, I always try to source as much pre-produced content as possible. Busy authors can send me audio either through a Google Voice line or by sending voice memo files. From there, I work with interior images, pre-produced video, rights-free video, and other "narrative devices."

Podcast Teasers

Before I took over podcast producing from badass publishing lady Lena Moses-Schmidtt (Counterpoint Press, Soft Skull Press, and Catapult), I took Lena's masterful audio and made teaser videos in iMovie.

I have graduated to Adobe Premiere Pro, though only because I could not open iMovie one day at work. Instead of complaining, I spent an afternoon cursing my monitor and teaching myself Premiere under "extreme duress."

Frankenstein Vids

Most university presses have limited funds for fancy marketing. I also do a lot of other shit (direct marketing, website, social media, secretarizing), okaaaayyyy. So sometimes it is necessary to "get creative." Perhaps an author refuses to answer your emails! Or, he/she/they are in prison.

Partnering with authors and organizations to imperfectly breathe life into b-roll or old content is one of mah skillz.


My very talented brother Clay Morrison does his own video production for Aero Branding. Check him out. He is the real golden child who taught himself Final Cut Pro in a closet down the hall from me. In high school. I don't have his skills (YET), but clearly we have the same passion for video because sometimes my corniness gets the better of me.

Go rogue, fuc* authority

Getting weird on the fly, courting controversy with great content, and daring to barely master iMovie and Garageband. Self-taught and passionate, baby. Deal with it. What extraordinary content was made on an iPhone in the back of my mom's car? Who can even tell. (You can totally tell.)